You Won’t Believe How Many Times The Collingwood Coach Has Rewatched the Grand Final

In a candid confession on the Howie Games podcast, the man behind Collingwood’s latest triumph spills the beans on just how many times he’s relived the glory of the Grand Final.

The coach, known for his grounded and humorous nature, admits the viewings weren’t always for strategy, either.

“Well, early days I’m thinking, I’m a bit bored. There’s nothing else on. Let’s just whack it on,” he shared, showcasing his laid-back approach to enjoying the fruits of the Pies’ labour.

Yet, as the dust settles and the celebrations fade, McRae is anything but complacent. With a new season on the horizon, he’s itching to get back into the fray, signalling a rallying cry for the Pies as they prepare to defend their title.

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“I’m not quite tired of it yet, but I’m definitely nearly close to it. Just like, let’s get busy and move on,” McRae declares on the most recent Howie Games podcast, his eyes firmly set on future victories.

McRae’s recent podcast appearance offered more than just a glimpse into his post-victory fun. The Collingwood coach delved deep into the emotional and gritty journey to the top, reflecting on the resilience and perseverance that shaped him not only as a coach but as a player, teacher, and father.

So, as the Magpies gear up for what promises to be an electrifying season, their coach’s unique blend of reflection, humour, positivity and determination stands as a testament to the spirit that led them to their 15th flag.

Listen to the full Howie Games podcast today.