Tom Browne in the Triple M studio and Stuart Dew as Gold Coast coach. Digitally altered image
Tom Browne explains Gold Coast's call to sack Stuart Dew

Tom Browne Explains Gold Coast’s Call To Sack Stuart Dew And Where To Next

Triple M Footy news breaker Tom Browne explained Gold Coast’s call to sack Stuart Dew as coach today, after breaking the news this morning.


“Let’s boil it down, and let’s just get rid of all the corporate talk for a moment,” Browne said.

“What’s happened is that Dew was short of expectations, and what’s played out is what we sort of thought would play out.

“The AFL is bleeding money at the Gold Coast, [and] while Gold Coast deny the AFL controls the club, they’ve got a massive say.

“So the AFL’s hungry for success, the Gold Coast themselves are hungry for success, and the best coach of the modern era in [Damien] Hardwick is sitting on the sidelines.

“This now facilitates, in my view, the Gold Coast guilt free sounding out people like Hardwick, and they didn’t want to misrepresent the fact that they supported Dew.

“They obviously made this decision last night in regards to parting company with Dew, and now they’re free to go and pursue the coaching market as they see fit.”

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Dew coached Gold Coast for 121 games for 36 wins, one draw and 84 losses — a winning record of just under 30%.

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He only had winning records against North Melbourne, West Coast and Sydney, and maintained an even  ledger with Richmond.

Dew never recorded a win against Essendon, Melbourne, Port Adelaide or St Kilda.


Browne mentioned that the spectre of established coaches returning to the fold this year and doing well would have potentially informed Gold Coast’s mindset.

“You’ve seen St Kilda have immediate success with Ross Lyon, and you’ve seen Essendon have immediate success with Brad Scott,” Browne said.

“What happens is boards scratch their heads going ‘when we go to sleep at night, if we at least have a recognised coach, it’s one less variable to worry about.

“I imagine that variable had made it difficult for guys like Dew, and I guess other coaches trying to forge their reputation.”

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Tom Browne also discussed Damien Hardwick’s favouritism for the role, how he broke the story, and more.

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