Craig McRae Reveals The “Defining Moment” That Turned The Magpies Around

Collingwood premiership coach Craig McRae has recalled the exact moment which turned the Magpies season around in 2022, ultimately leading to the clubs historic 15th Premiership in 2023.

Mark it down in history Collingwood fans. May 13, 2022. A 48-point loss to the Western Bulldogs on a Friday night. Slipping to 11th on the ladder with 4 wins and 5 losses after Round 9.

“I remember this is a defining moment for this group,” recalls McRae in the latest episode of The Howie Games.

“I couldn’t get out of bed. And I’m just tossing and turning of what to do. What’s the next move?”

The turning point came unexpectedly, from a simple yet profound encouragement from his wife: “Just be you.” This message ignited a spark within McRae, propelling him to instil a wave of positivity throughout the team.

Embracing this newfound clarity, McRae rallied his assistant coaches with a clear directive: focus not on past failures but on the potential for greatness. “Don’t come on Monday and tell me what we’re not doing. Go and find the evidence of the things that we’re going to be,” he insisted.

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“So I walked in on the Monday with a complete and utter positivity that the group weren’t ready for.”

McRae’s shift in mindset led to an astonishing run of 10 consecutive wins, culminating in a 1-point Preliminary Final loss in 2022 and, ultimately, the foundation for crowning glory of the 2023 season.

Dive deeper into Craig McRae’s inspirational journey of leadership, resilience, and the power of positivity on the latest episode of the Howie Games Podcast. Discover the strategic moves and motivational moments that defined Collingwood’s path to Premiership success.

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