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“It’s Just A Blip In The Journey” Taylor Walker On Josh Rachele’s Temper

The Crows have dropped to 12th on the ladder after their loss to GWS Giants, with Josh Rachele now facing a two week ban for his temper.

Tex Walker spoke to his character on Roo, Ditts & Loz, relating to Rachele’s position as a young Crow.


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Rachele was roughed up by Harry Perryman in the second term and then tipped over the edge by Jack Buckley, causing him to lose his nerve.

“It’s just a blip in the journey he’s going to have to learn from,” Tex said.

“And I’ve been in his position before, when you get a little bit hot headed.”

Roo adds that Rachele shows a sense of courage in being willing to stand up to a 6ft player like Perryman.

“Take that courage and channel it at the ball,” Roo said.

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