Taylor Walker crows

“Disappointing” Taylor Walker On Crows Loss To Essendon

In an 18-point loss to Essendon, the Adelaide Crows have been unable to win on the road for 6 of their 7 away games, according to Taylor Walker.

The Adelaide forward joined Roo, Ditts & Loz to share his concerns—pledging to play ‘hard, tough and fair’ in honour of Rory Sloane’s 250th.


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Tex explains the performance was a ‘step backwards’, with the Bombers “flow” being the main factor for their win.

“Disappointing for the first half, because we knew how they were going to play,” he said.

“And we just weren’t able to stop the flow of goals.”

Adelaide take on Greater Western Sydney at Adelaide Oval ahead of Rory Sloane’s 250th game.

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