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From The Archives: Triple M Recall The 1998 Adelaide V North Melbourne Grand Final

It’s been 25 years since the Adelaide Crows clinched the 1998 AFL Grand Final against North Melbourne, making it back-to-back with their massive win in 1997.

Don’t miss this special Triple M recall featuring Mark ‘Roo’ Ricciuto, Chris ‘Ditts’ Dittmar, Brenton Yates, Peter Caven, & Darren Jarman.

1998 Grand Final Adelaide Vs North Melbourne:

The two teams battled fiercely in front of a record-breaking crowd at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, with Crows’ star, Darren Jarman, delivering a stellar performance with five remarkable goals.

Darren Jarman joined Roo, Ditts & Loz to reflect on this massive win 25 years on, speaking on the excitement from Crows fans throughout the finals.

“I remember 97 and 98 there was so many Crows supporters that went to the game (interstate), still reckon they are one of the best travelling supporters of the game.”

While the Roos fought back, the Crows’ strong defense led by Nigel Smart, plus support from a younger Mark Ricciuto and Simon Goodwin.

As the final siren sounded, the Crows emerged victorious with a 35-point lead. The final score: Adelaide Crows 15.15 (105) to North Melbourne Kangaroos 8.22 (70).