Daisy Thomas in the Triple M Footy studio and Griffin Logue bumping Will Day. This image has been digitally edited

Daisy Thomas Says Griffin Logue Was “Very Stiff” To Get Suspended

Daisy Thomas says that North Melbourne defender Griffin Logue was “very stiff” to have to serve a one match ban for an incident with Will Day last weekend.


“I had no issues with the Blake Acres one,” Daisy said on the Midweek Rub.

“I think you could tell that he put one hand out to smother but knew he was making contact with the right hand, you get him high, that’s fair enough.

“You get a week because you chose to get him high.

“The Griffin Logue one is the one.

“The ball bounces past Will Day, so Griffin Logue’s come off because he thought that kick was gonna hit.

“So you have to come with real intent and speed to close down that if you are gonna make the decision to come and man the mark.

“The ball then misses, you then change your whole instinct to then I’m gonna play the ball because it’s missed the target.

“Will Day turns around not knowing anyone was coming, the ball hits your foot, you’re on the same trajectory and speed, and there’s a bloke in the way.

“I just don’t know how he’s expected to get out the way unless he went to pick the ball up, and then once he realised in the nanosecond, that he didn’t put his arms up and run into him with his chest. 

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“I thought that one was a pure footballing action and then incident, and I think he was very stiff to get a week.”

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Joey Montagna felt Logue hadn’t make enough of an attempt to make a genuine footy play.

“If you make a genuine play on the ball, you’re fine,” he said.

“Griffin Logue didn’t make a genuine play on it.”

Watch the incident here:

Joey, Daisy and Damo also discussed the Cats woes, whether the McKay brothers will ever play against one another and Damo’s suggestion to have a Showdown in Melbourne.

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