Damian Barrett, Joey Montagna, and Daisy Thomas in the Triple M Footy studio. This image has been digitally altered.

Damo Cops It From Daisy And Joey For His Suggestion To Have A Showdown In Melbourne

Damian Barrett has made some waves with his suggestion to have a Showdown in Melbourne, and Daisy Thomas and Joey Montagna dished out some direct feedback on the Midweek Rub today.


“That is Damo’s worst call,” Joey said.

“Damo’s normally very good, but that just won’t work.”

Daisy agreed.

“I think if you brought it over here, the Adelaidians would vote with their feet and not come.”

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Damo expanded on his idea and stuck by it, saying it would be a great spectacle.

“You’d have to obviously give them a reason to come over… it would work,” he said.

“I have no doubt it would work, if — IF — you gave good reason for it to happen.

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“I say these things — and I’ve said it before, this one — you know it’s not gonna happen, I just would like to see it tried.”

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Damo has been a long-term advocate of experimenting with a Showdown in Melbourne, floating the idea as far back as 2018, saying the game could have a crowd of “65,000 to 75,000” at the time.

On the Midweek Rub Joey, Daisy and Damo also discussed the Cats woes, the MRO finally finding a level of consistency, whether the McKay brothers will ever play against one another and more.

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