Ken Hinkley (L) and Bernie Vince (R). This image has been digitally altered

Bernie Vince Believes Port Adelaide Have Already Picked A New Coach For 2024

Bernie Vince says he believes Port Adelaide will have a new coach in 2024 — and that they’ve already picked the man to succeed Ken Hinkley.


“He (Hinkley) is fighting a losing battle here,” Bernie said on the Rush Hour with Bernie, Blewey and Jars.

“I think they’ve already got a plan for Josh Carr to take over. I think that will happen.

“Basically Kenny Hinkley would have to win the flag, or make a grand final [to get a new contract].”

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Discussions around an extension to Hinkley’s contract — set to expire at the end of this season — have been put off until August.

Bernie said he doesn’t mind the approach of leaving a coach’s potential contract extension very late in the season to get more certainty of where the club is at.

“I actually think they should do more of that,” he said.

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“Wait until halfway through the year.

“There’s too many clubs who sign them up for two, three years, and then all of a sudden they get halfway through that first year and think ‘gee, things aren’t going well’.

“How many times do we see them paying out coach’s contracts?”

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Port Adelaide finished top two in 2020 and 2021, while some bad early season defeats consigned them to 11th in 2022.

They recruited heavily in the ensuing off-season, picking up Junior Rioli, Jason Horne-Francis and Francis Evans.

Port open their season against 2022 preliminary finalists Brisbane at Adelaide Oval on the 18th of March.

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