Life For Aaron Fa’Aoso Has Been So Far, So Good

Setbacks and heartaches tried to stop Aaron Fa’Aoso on his path to success… but so far, it’s been so good.

So much so, Aaron released a memoir last year, titled “So Far, So Good”.  

Penning his journey made Aaron the first Torres Strait Islander to commercially publish a memoir – and for Aaron, he was just 47 years old.

Listen to The Weekend briefing’s chat with Aaron Fa’Aoso here:

There was a sad reasoning behind his decision though – having to experience early deaths of his family and friends. Life expectancy for First Nations men in Australia is 55 years old.

Following the memoir’s release, Aaron joined Jamila Rizvi on The Weekend Briefing to discuss his journey in becoming a film producer, director, screenwriter, and actor.

Aaron began his chat with sharing his motivation for writing the memoir.

“Initially, what got me over the line were my agents and that [the memoir] was from the perspective that the challenges and the successes that I’ve made and been through,” Aaron said.

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“I just started thinking about all those. A good portion of those mistakes are all in the book. And the failure, so to speak it could assist young people to overcome particular hurdles, challenges, setbacks.

“In particularly in the mental health space as well, the dark moments that I’ve been through, that I’ve experienced, [the book could] in some way or form assist and empower others in terms of my own journey.”

To hear more about Aaron’s journey and what the “challenges are successes” were, listen to the full episode of The Weekend Briefing.

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