Leah Purcell Discusses Indigenous Voice To Parliament: “Australia Can Be Leading The Way”

Leah Purcell AM  is one of Australia’s leading actors, writers, and directors with award-winning roles in theatre, film, and television. She’s also a proud Goa-Gunggari-Wakka Wakka Murri woman who describes herself as “a fierce b***h” and a truth teller. 

Sitting down with Jessica Rowe in the latest episode of The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show, Leah explained the importance of giving a voice to those who don’t have one and why it’s imperative that Non-Indigenous people simply listen so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.   

The voice in parliament is a start. Then we can look at sovereignties and treaties, but you’ve gotta trust we’ve got phenomenal people in there now. We’ve got phenomenal young people coming up that are so smart that are working on legislations and, you know, looking at the constitution and let them, let them lead and let there be a voice. Because for the past 200+ years, It’s not working. 

… You gotta start somewhere…. Australia can be leading the way in how we deal with our Indigenous people. It’s a shocking history that we have, but I think that we need to hear it.

We need to listen to it so we don’t make the same mistakes. Australia can be leading the way in how we deal with Indigenous peoples from around the world. We can make those changes and we can empower and make a difference.

Take a listen to the important conversation below: 

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