How Do We Achieve ‘Equal Parenting’ In A Relationship? 

Shevonne Hunt

Once upon a time I was a young woman who believed that feminism had done its work; then I became a mother.

The inequality I discovered from pregnancy to birth and caring for my kids still astounds me. Fatherhood may have changed a lot in recent decades but women still bear the majority of the domestic and emotional labour at home and that has a huge impact on everything from our mental health to our superannuation.

Rob Sturrock is a feminist, dad and author of Man Raises Boy. I loved having Rob on my podcast Feed Play Love because he really understands what it means to be an equal parent. When we sat down to chat, he had some very clear and practical ways that dads can step up to the plate and parent equally with their partner, and as he explained, equal parenting offers rewards for both partners.

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Listen to the full interview below:

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