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How Alex Dyson Dealt With Public Criticism From A Young Age

Alex Dyson is an Australian radio and podcast presenter, author, business owner and former political candidate. 

You may recognise his voice from when he was a presenter on Triple J, or currently as you listen to his podcast Matt & Alex All Day Breakfast alongside Matt Okine, right here on LiSTNR.

In this conversation on The Weekend Briefing with Jamila Rizvi, Alex delves into experiencing fame at a young age, the impact of loss and the legacy he wants to leave behind. 

Being just 21 when he first started on breakfast radio, Alex said he pinched himself at the opportunity, asking “did that just happen” when he was offered the position.

Listen to The Weekend Briefing’s chat with Alex Dyson here:

But also, being so young, Alex had to deal with social media trolls and criticism from a young age.

“I think it’s not about ignoring it, I don’t think you can ignore it,” Alex said.

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“The comments that you do get in public facing roles, I think you’ve got to contextualise it a little bit, that how I dealt with it to start with.

“If I was there by myself. I think I would think about it a little more, but when you’re with someone else, you can laugh about it.

“But always remember there are going to be people who don’t like you and there’s going to people who really like you. I try not to listen to either because then they have a little bit of power over you’ve. You’ve really got to sort of look internally.”

To hear all of Alex’s chat, listen to the episode, “Alex Dyson eats politics for breakfast” on the LiSTNR app now.

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