Forget Deodorant: Why Scientists Reckon ARMPIT Transplants Are The Way Of The Future

It’s a familiar ritual – hopping in the shower or bath, having a bit of a scrub, and spraying or rolling some deodorant or antiperspirant onto your armpits before you get on with the rest of your day or night.

We all have our favourite personal hygiene products based on how they feel, how they smell, or how well they work for us.

The tools we currently have at our disposal are deodorant and anti-perspirant. But some biologists are exploring the root of the odour – the skin microbiome – and they’ve got grand plans for armpit bacteria transplants.

Check out exactly what that means in this episode of Huh? Science Explained, as Cosmos Magazine’s Matilda Handsley-Davis, takes a sniff of the science of not smelling.