Georgie Copeland with her late fiancé

After Hunter Valley Crash Made Her A Two-Time Widow, Georgie Is Still Open To Finding Love

In 2020, Georgie Copeland sadly lost her fiancé in a tragic car accident. A few years later, she found love again, but sadly experienced grief once more, losing her partner in the Hunter Valley bus crash. Now, Georgie has opened up about love and loss in a special two-part episode of Darling, Shine! podcast with Ellidy Pullin. 

Months after Ellidy lost her partner, Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin, she met Georgie and the two fast became good friends who leant on each other and connected through their grief. 

Speaking about finding love again, Georgie shared, “I do want a relationship in my life, and I am, you know, only in my thirties. Like, it’s stupid to think that I won’t have love again,”

So how does someone deal with multiple losses and ever think of opening up to love again? 

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“I really take everything in a way of gratitude,” Georgie said. “I’m so freaking lucky. I am lucky to have been loved by Lachie Procter. I am lucky to have known Zach Bray. I am lucky. I’m not cursed. I’m the luckiest human alive.” 

Take a listen to the powerful conversation below: 

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

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