Oprah Winfrey Rushed To Hospital, Misses TV Appearance

Oprah Winfrey has been rushed to the hospital following a health scare, a close friend has revealed.

Oprah’s long-time friend, Gayle King, told CBS Mornings she had to miss her TV appearance due to stomach issues.

“She had some stomach thing – stomach flu – stuff was coming out of both ends. I won’t get too graphic,” she said. 

“Needless to say, she ended up in the hospital, dehydration, had to get an IV, it was a very serious thing.”

She said the TV-talkshow queen was recovering well in hospital. 

Earlier this month, Oprah announced she was leaving Weight Watchers after being their public face for a decade.

She credited her latest dramatic weight loss to new weight loss drugs. 

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Oprah Winfrey announced she was leaving WeightWatchers on Thursday and giving away all her stock – a move that follows the TV talk queen revealing that her recent dramatic weight loss was due to taking new weight-loss drugs.

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