Abbie Chatfield with new boyfriend Adam Hyde

Abbie Chatfield Has Finally Revealed Her Famous Boyfriend On Her Podcast!

Our podcast queen, Abbie Chatfield, has this morning revealed the identity of her new boyfriend in a special 2-part episode of It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield!

If you’re a regular follower or listener of Abbie’s, you’ll no doubt have heard about the mystery man over the last few weeks, but now our queen has given us everything we’ve ever wanted and more…

In this 2-part podcast series you’ll hear:

Part 1: How they met, who asked who out on a date first, and who went for the first kiss.

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Part 2: A continuation of how the pair developed that initial crush into a serious relationship, how he provided a safe space for Abbie to feel secure, and what their relationship is like now.

Oh and stay tuned for Friday’s episode… we have a full Q&A lined up!

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