Abbie Chatfield Slams Former MAFS Contestants After Latest Online Feud

Last week, Married At First Sight star Domenica Calarco was met with a string of negative comments from her former cast members after announcing a new Nine web series, Dom’s Debrief. 

The trailer (for a series which involves Dom calling and catching up with former castmates) received sarcastic comments from Olivia Frazer, Carolina Santos, and Daniel Holmes. 

“Your number is blocked hon oops,” Carolina wrote, while Olivia commented “but producers don’t favour anyone, right?” and Daniel added, “As the saying goes. ROFL.”

This is when Abbie stepped in to defend Domenica, writing, “the jealousy from ex contestants in these comments is so funny,” and later uploading an Insta Story, calling out the comments and labelling the past contestants as “jealous.”

The past MAFS cast members then responded by slamming Abbie in their own Insta Stories.   

Are you still following? Okay, good. 

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Now, Abbie has addressed the entire fiasco in the latest episode of It’s A Lot, breaking down each comment and accusation. 

“Either you’re jealous and projecting, or you’re just a mean person.” 

In the episode, Abbie also discussed her own experience with bullying whilst shooting The Bachelor, revealing that one contestant tried to force her to come out. 

“I was bisexual and wasn’t out yet and one of them tried to force me to come out and told me that I had to tell Matt at my next date. Like, these girls were f**king horrendous to me.” 

Take a listen below: 

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