Computer illustration of a rabies virus. It is bullet-shaped and covered in glycoproteins.

Rabies: The Virus With A Near 100% Fatality Rate

Rabies is one of the most lethal viral infections on the planet and when symptoms start presenting it’s unfortunately too late.  

Cosmos Magazine journalist Imma Perfetto joins The Science Briefing this week and discusses what’s happening in the labs to create a vaccine to protect us against the deadly virus.

“Scientists who currently develop rabies vaccines can incorporate these findings into the development of new vaccines or fine tuning and improving the ones we already have to hopefully strengthen the rabies vaccines overall and potentially improve our immunity to rabies through those vaccines,” she said.

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Join host Dr Sophie Calabretto and Perfetto who talk about the defences we have against rabies and a critical new finding that could boost protection for those with daily exposure to the virus.

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