Ryan Girdler’s Solution To Early Send Offs

Joseph Sua’ali’i’s send off in the 7th minute of the opening State of Origin clash undoubtably ruined the content we were all so desperate to see.

Ryan Girdler questioned if we couldn’t come up with a better solution for early send off that would still penalise foul play without making the game redundant.

“Do you think we could develop a system for accidental contact where potentially we don’t ruin the contest?” said Girdler

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“Everything happens at such a breakneck speed that it’s a millisecond nd all of a sudden you know we see the series is over from a guy that was probably just trying to adjust to the speed of a game that he’d only spent 7 minutes in.”

“You get 10 minutes in the bin and then either you don’t come back on and then you’re allowed to go back to 13 and and then you maybe lose one of your bench players so you’re down to 16.”