Would You Pay $20 A Month For Facebook and Instagram Verification?

Meta and Instagram have rolled out a blue-tick verification subscription to users wanting to increase their reach and visibility whilst improving security and support at a cost of $20 a month.

The Meta Verification subscription bundle is now available in Australia and New Zealand, with the social behemoth monitoring its popularity before rolling it out worldwide.

But the move has raised questions, as new social media apps like TikTok and BeReal show up, about how Facebook and Instagram are looking to increase their revenue.

”So some of those days of these huge behemoths, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, the heyday of those big companies being the golden children. I think those days are definitely shifting. “

Claire Reilly, Principal Producer at CNET

So what does this all means for the overall state of big social media companies, and is it worth signing up for a subscription? To explain this and more on The Briefing we’re joined by Claire Reilly, a journalist for CNET in San Francisco. 

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