Housing market

Will Rising Inflation Crash The Housing Market?

Inflation is increasing around the world and inevitably, interest rates are gradually creeping up with it. 

As of now, America’s inflation is at 7% (the highest it’s been in 40 years), in the UK, Canada and New Zealand it crept up to 5% and recently, Australia’s has increased to 3.5%. 

The 1970s taught us that prolonged inflation periods can be very debilitating, cause a lot of economic uncertainty and see people spend lots of time and energy trying to avoid it. 

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So, how will a surge in inflation affect first-home buyers and the mortgagee? 

On today’s Briefing, we are joined by Shane Wilson, AMP’s Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist to answer the question on everyone’s lips: are we looking at an impending housing market crash?

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