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Will Donald Trump Return To The White House In 2024?

Could Donald Trump actually become president again?

Well, we’re set to be spending a lot of 2024 talking about US elections, with President Joe Biden and likely Trump going head to head again.

Will Donald Trump be president again? Listen to Chas Licciardello’s thoughts here:

Polls are hinting at a Trump victory, but with legal battles, bureaucratic clashes, and a dash of political intrigue, the path to the White House is anything but predictable.

In this episode of The Briefing, Planet America’s Chas Licciardello explains to Katrina Blowers what we need to know before campaigning ratchets up.

Despite what the opinion polls are saying – which is a mixed review of both Trump and Biden leading at various stages – Chas says we shouldn’t be thinking too much about them.

He says the polls did indicate one thing, however.

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“There are certain things you can tell and some things you can’t tell,” he said.

“What you can tell is that this is going to be a fifty-fifty contest, which means it’s going to go up or down by one or two points, all the way to the election.”

But what about Trump’s 91 criminal indictments? How could he run for president with court cases looming in 2024.

“As far as criminal trials go, where we’re talking jail time, I think there’s a fairly reasonable chance he could get to the election without too many dramas there,” Chas said.

“But I think there’s other dramas for him and they’re PR dramas. And that is, if he spends the whole 2024 in court, that’s not a good thing.

“You might go well, of course that’s not a good thing. How could that possibly be a good thing? A lot of Republicans think it might be a good thing because he has been running against the trials… he’s been running against the legal system saying, look, this is all rigged.”

To hear all of Chas’ thoughts, listen to the episode of The Briefing.

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