Why This New AI Face Filter On TikTok Is So Dangerous 

The controversial Bold Glamour filter on TikTok has been used almost 40 million times. The AI filter gives users the perfect bone structure, full lips, and flawless skin.  

It is so realistic that some users say it should come with a warning as it sets unrealistic expectations of our appearances. 

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On this episode of the Briefing, we talk to a cosmetic surgery consultant Dr Rand Younes, about what impact these filters are having on self-esteem and whether it is causing a rise in the number of people getting fillers and Botox. 

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Dr Younes notices a recent trend among young people who demand more fillers and cosmetic treatments they see online.  

Sometimes it’s just unrealistic expectations or takes much more than people think. They see it a lot on social media, influencers, or filters. I think that is the perception that it’s simple, it’s reversible, let me give it a try,”

Dr Younes

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