Why Manifesting Could Be Doing You More Harm Than Good

Manifesting involves thinking aspirational thoughts with the aim of turning them into reality and it has gained momentum alongside conversations around wellness and self-care. 

In 2023, it experienced a massive boom with google searches for ‘manifesting’ soaring by 669% from late March to mid-July.

The practice of manifesting varies widely, with different approaches such as scripting, using specific numbers and sound frequencies and even incorporating spiritual connections. 

In Tuesday morning’s episode of The Briefing, Katrina Blowers was joined by cognitive neuroscientist Rhiannon Jones to find out if ‘manifesting’ actually helps make our dreams come true, if it’s just another word for goal-setting or if it could actually have a negative impact on our lives. 

Jones warned that it can be risky for individuals with anxiety disorders and may even trigger symptons in those who don’t initially have them.

“I think there are a lot of bad things that can come about through through the idea of manifesting,” Jones said.

“Mostly because it’s not really very healthy to believe that your thoughts have this amount of control.”

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