Why Iran Attacked Israel for the First Time

Iran launched an unprecedented drone and missile attack against Israel on the weekend, marking the first time the country has directly targeted Israel.

Iran dropped 300 missiles and drones on Israeli territory following Israel’s air strike on Iran’s Syrian consulate.

As many as 99% were intercepted according to Israel, but it is being deemed a watershed moment in the conflict.

Sydney University Professor Michael Humphrey told The Briefing why the attack is globally significant:

“The strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus killed senior revolutionary guard leaders. It was a big impact on their operations and their projection of influence.”

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Humphrey explained why Israel attacked the consulate, and why it led to Iran’s attack on Israel, on Wednesday morning’s episode of The Briefing.

“The Israelis have looked at Gaza as a sharp point for attacking Iranian influence and pushing it back. The idea that there are different wars, it’s the same war”, Humphrey said.

Humphrey believes that public perception of Israelis has changed from persecutors of Gaza civilians to victims of the Iran attack.

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