Why Are More Women Choosing IVF?

Just recently, a couple in the US welcomed twins using embryos made 30 years ago. The twins have been named the ‘oldest babies’ to be born after the eggs were kept in ice for three decades.

On the latest episode of The Briefing, bioethics lecturer at Monash University Molly Johnston, who has been working in the IVF field for the last five years, explains if similar has been happening in Australia.

Molly said IVF is a process that must be thoroughly thought through by the couple and believes there’s scope for more support to be given to those venturing down the path.

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“We do need to make better progress understanding the emotional toll it can have on people and how best we can support them during this process. It does require a lot for someone to go through egg freezing, in addition to just the day surgery, there is time off work, there’s the recovery from it.”

Molly Johnston

Listen to the episode below: