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Voice To Parliament Yes And No Campaigns Reveal Their Pitches

Campaigners on both sides of the Voice to Parliament referendum have outlined their arguments in pamphlets released online today.

The pamphlets will be mailed to all Australian households several weeks before the referendum is held.

However, Prime Minster Anthony Albanese had yet to announce the date of when Australians will be heading to the polling booths.

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Reasons to vote yes:

The Yes campaign says the Voice will be a committee of First nations People who will give advice on issues which affect their community.

Endorsing the Yes vote includes NRL champion and Gunggari man Johnathan Thurston and AFL legend and Gurbrun, Wirangu/Kokatha man Eddie Betts.

“I know the Voice won’t fix everything overnight, but I feel like it’s the opening of a pathway to make sure we are included and respected in decision-making on issues that impact us,’’ Betts said.

Recognition: Of Indigenous Australians in the constitution and paying respect to 65,000 years of culture and tradition

Listening: To Indigenous people’s advice on matters that impact them, to improve government decision-making

Better results: For Indigenous health, education, employment, and housing

Reasons to vote no:

There are “10 reasons to vote no” listed in the pamphlet, arguing the Voice is legally risky and lacks detail.

“This Voice will not unite us, it will divide us by race,’’ Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians and Warlpiri woman said.

“This goes against a key principle of our democratic system, that all Australians are equal before the law.”

Risky: “No issue is beyond its reach”

Unknown: Australians haven’t been provided sufficient detail

Divisive: It adds race to the constitution

Permanent: It can’t be revoked except through another referendum

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