Victim Of Horror Crash Was Picking Up Distressed Woman Prior To Triple Fatality

One of the three people killed in a triple road fatality on the Sunshine Coast last weekend was believed to have stopped to pick up a woman in distress in the moments before the crash. 

According to Detective Superintendent ben Fadian, 65-year-old Terry Bishop had stopped to pick up 25-year-old Gypsy Satterley who appeared to be in distress on the side of the road at around 3:30AM on the morning of the crash.

“He’s doing the right thing, picking up a person who’s in distress on the side of the road,” told 9NEWS. 

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After Mr Bishop picked up Ms Satterly, the pair were allegedly chased by a stolen white Isuzu. 

Mr Bishop’s car was then allegedly rammed by the Isuzu which sent him spinning into the southbound lane but driving north. 

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While still being pursued by the Isuzu, Mr Bishop collided with an oncoming vehicle driven by 38-year-old Jessica Townley. 

Mr Bishop, Ms Satterley and Ms Townley were all killed during collision. 

Police believe that Ms Satterley was travelling in the Isuzu prior to being picked up by Mr Bishop. 

The alleged driver of The Isuzu, 25-year-old Rafferty Rolfe suffered a head injury during the collision. 

Rolfe is set to face Maroochydore Magistrates Court today on three counts of murder. 

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