Two Bodies Found In Two Separate Burnt Out Cars In Sydney

Two bodies have been found inside the wreckage of two burnt out cars in Royal National Park and North Parramatta. 

Police are still working to identify the two bodies found in separate cars in Sydney in the early hours of Tuesday morning. 

Police were called out to a car park at Royal National Park just after midnight following reports of a vehicle on fire. 

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Upon arriving at the scene, emergency services found a four-wheel-drive burning at Water Fall Flat. 

After fire fighters extinguished the blaze, police then located a body inside the vehicle.

A short time later at around 2:15AM, police found a second body inside another vehicle in North Paramatta. 

Crime scenes have been established at both locations with forensic teams performing post-mortem examinations to determine the identities of the bodies and the cause of death. 

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Superintendent Barry Vincent said that the deaths are currently being treated as suspicious as police work to establish whether the vehicles were stolen or belong to the deceased. 

“There may have been a fuel source but what that is I couldn’t say definitively at the moment,” he said. 

“It is too early to tell whether those matters are linked in any way.

“Obviously we’re keen to find out who this person is as soon as we can so we can make sure the necessary updates are provided to family who may be well unaware of what happened.” 

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