Premier Peter Malinauskas on rising energy prices

Top Money-Saving Tip From Premier Peter Malinauskas To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Premier Peter Malinauskas joined Roo, Ditts & Loz to provide insight behind the recent energy price increases coming for Australians from July 1.

With electricity prices set to rise by 25%, Premier Peter Malinauskas says the default market offer is what’s hurting people’s pockets.

Premier Peter Malinauskas On Energy Prices:

“So the AER (Australian Energy Regulator) sets this price, which is called the default market offer,” Premier Malinauskas said.

He also adds that 65,000 South Australians are on this offer, which is the top price.

“What I’m saying to your listeners is you’ve gotta call your energy retailer,”

“You are most likely to be a lot better off if you get off the default market offer,” said Premier Malinauskas.

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