Theresa May: Democracy In A Time Of War 

Can democracy survive in a time of war? Are political systems related to collective violence and war? What are the impacts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the power of Putin? Why do young people no longer believe in democracy? 

 As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its 397th day, the international conflict continues to significantly impact the world and shake the stability of democracy in the region.  

In episode four of Defending Democracy with Malcolm Turnbull, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull talks to Theresa May, former British Prime Minister, about the state of democracy in Europe, her reflections on the Brexit vote, and speculate on what Putin will mean for the future of democracy in Europe. 

Listen to episode six of Defending Democracy with Malcolm Turnbull below:   

Therea May was famously Prime Minister at the time of the Brexit referendum, however, when her own Conservative Party voted against the withdrawal deal for the third time she resigned.  

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She shared her concerns on democracy, freedom and the media environment in the UK. Particularly as polling research shows younger generations no longer believed  “democracy would be the best way to run a government”. 

“I think it’s very important that those of us who believe in democracy actually go out there and make the case. That is a system which can respond to people’s needs and works for people,” Ms May said. 

When talking about the invasion of Ukraine, Ms May recalled her memories of watching a speech given by Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, at the G20 meeting. She described him as “a very cold fish”. 

“I think the further invasion of Ukraine was a calculation. He’s an opportunist. He thought the West’s eyes were elsewhere, that we were focusing much more on China and the Indo-Pacific. He thought that the West was not as willing to unite in defence of its values.” 

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