The Textbook Child Star Rebrand Of JoJo Siwa

The transition from child star to mature artist is often fraught with challenges. 

JoJo Siwa, known for her infectious energy and iconic hair bows, has recently embarked on a rebranding journey that has sparked both curiosity and controversy.

Siwa’s image has undergone a significant transformation from her early days on the reality TV series “Dance Moms,” where she captured hearts with her infectious energy. 

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Her squeaky-clean aesthetic of bright colours and wholesome image has given way to a more mature aesthetic, characterised by bold fashion choices and eccentric black outfits in her latest release, ‘Karma.’

So how did we get here? How is JoJo’s rebrand different from the other former child stars that have come before her, and what can we expect in the future?


Child star JoJo Siwa is undergoing a hard rebrand at the moment, following similar paths laid down by Britney and Miley… but is she having the same impact? She first hit screens as part of Abby Lee Miller’s ‘Dance Moms’ before becoming a pop star in her own right. LiSTNR journalist and producer @helenchristinesmith popped by this arvo to give us her take on JoJo’s transformation. Full ep out now on The Briefing podcast. #jojo #jojosiwa #karma #nickelodeon #dancemoms

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On today’s The Briefing episode, we take a deep dive to reflect on Siwa’s journey and the broader phenomenon of child stars reinventing themselves.

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The Briefing Producer Helen Smith highlights the pressure faced by child stars to shed their innocent image as they mature, often resorting to drastic measures to assert their newfound identity. 

“I think Jo Jo plays into the whole cringe thing a lot. I think she has a very different style, fashion-wise, music-wise, compared to Britney and Miley,” she said.

Siwa started her career as a top-five finalist and the youngest contestant on the second season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition when she was ten.

This month, she released her official debut single, “Karma”, as an adult artist, which received many negative reviews at the iHeartRadio Awards.

“She is 20. She’s only turning 21. She’s legally in the state and can’t even drink. So I’m like, give her another five years; I’d love to see where she takes this brand.”

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