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The Major Health Benefits Of Sunlight According To Andrew Huberman

Neuroscientist and podcaster Dr Andrew Huberman says that sunlight is one of the six key pillars of mental and physical health.

Safely exposing our eyes to sunlight in the morning triggers hormones in our bodies that regulate our mood and melatonin release.

“No supplement, no food, no social engagement, no caffeine, no nothing can do all of that as well as morning sunlight exposure,” Dr Huberman says.

Dr Andrew Huberman sat down for an exclusive two-part episode with Sarah Grynberg on A Life Of Greatness:

Dr Huberman says that the best time for exposure is when the sun is low in the sky. At this time there is less UV radiation, making it less risky to look towards the sun without protection.

“As you catch that morning first light and the sun rising, that is the primordial stimulus for waking up our system,” he says.

But you don’t need to watch the sunrise to reap the benefits – low solar angle exposure can be achieved anytime before the sun is directly overhead.

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Dr Huberman also wants to set the record straight about his views on sunscreen.

“I use sunscreen. I will repeat – I use sunscreen,” he says.

But he also says that small amounts of sunlight exposure to our skin can also benefit our hormone production.

“Getting a bit, not too much, but a bit of sun exposure to the skin in the middle of the day is known to elevate dopamine,” Dr Huberman says.

Dopamine is related to higher levels of positive anticipation, enjoyment, and energy. The link between sunlight exposure and dopamine levels is why in winter months we might feel less energetic or positive moods.

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