Taylor Swift Fans Camp Out For New Tickets To Eras Tour

Australian Taylor Swift fans have shown their dedication by camping out overnight in anticipation of releasing a new bundle of tickets for the US singer’s highly-anticipated Eras tour concerts. 

These additional tickets for the February shows are set to be released for sale in Sydney at 10 am and in Melbourne at 4 pm.

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Ticketek has announced that limited seats will be available across all standard ticket price types, including “new partially obstructed side view tickets”.

Additionally, accessible ticket options will be made available at both venues as part of this release.

Earlier this year, millions of fans across Australia tried their luck to secure one of the roughly 450,000 tickets available for the multiple Melbourne and Sydney shows. 

Some dedicated fans even booked flights and accommodation in advance, hoping to secure tickets to at least one of the few Australian shows.

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While it remains uncertain how many more tickets will be available, some Taylor Swift enthusiasts are taking their ticket quest to the next level. 

Kasey told ABC News Breakfast that she had been waiting outside the Ticketek office in Melbourne overnight to make her 10-year-old sister’s dream come true.

“I think that’s the best thing about Swifities, we all just bonded, we spent so much time together, a sleepless night together, “she said.

“We had some 100-metre sprints, some really deeply discussions and I feel I really know these people on a personal level.”

Hundreds of dedicated Swift fans in Sydney were seen outside Penrith Panthers Leagues Club, with the first in line having camped overnight.

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