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Sydney Becomes The Most Singles-Populated City In Australia

Sydney, with a population of nearly 1.7 million single people, has now claimed the title of the most singles-populated city in Australia. 

A study has found that the most populated city by singles is Sydney, with top regions being the city, the inner south, as well as Millers Point, Darlinghurst, Mascot and Botany. 

These areas have more than 132,000 people that are currently not married or in a de facto relationship, making up 50.4 per cent of the area’s total population. 

The findings revealed a significant increase in single-person households within the city more broadly, surging from 81,000 to over 420,000 over the past decade. 

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On today’s episode of This Arvo In Sydney, host Sacha Barbour Gatt and LiSTNR journalist Madeline Palmer speak with Jana Hocking, dating columnist at, to explore the sometimes scary but exciting world of dating and why many Sydneysiders are struggling to find love. 

Lifestyle and housing are not the only components that have shifted; with Hocking explaining that more and more Sydney singles are jumping on different online dating apps, which has modified expectations.  

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According to the latest figure, 3.2 million Australians use at least one of the various dating apps, with Tinder and Hinge emerging as the most popular choices in the country. 

Hocking, who has been writing about dating for the last 10 years, and is also the former date producer for the first season of the Australian Bachelor, said Sydneysiders “get the ick too quickly”.

We jump back on the apps, and we start swiping right again and finding another option, so we are not making real connections anymore, and we are not kind of seeing it through,”

she said.

Everyone is in a situation-ship at the moment. We’ve all got that guy we’re loosely seeing, but he’s also loosely seeing someone else,”

she added.

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