Why Are Staffers Taking McDonald’s To Court?

A worker’s union has filed a $100 million class action against McDonald’s Australia for allegedly denying staff their 10-minute rest breaks over the last 6 years.

The lawsuit filed by Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association on behalf of 900 McDonald’s workers is the largest of its type in the history of the Federal court. 

We chat to the SDA’s Secretary, Josh Peak who says it’s not just about getting workers their 6 years of back pay, it’s also about setting an example to companies that this conduct will not go unpunished. 

“Really awful behaviour against some of our youngest and most vulnerable employees entering a workplace for the first time, who are being told that you can go to the toilet or you can get a drink whenever you like and therefore were not going to give you your paid 10 minute drink break.” 

– Josh Peak

We also hear from former Macca’s employee Shae, who gives us a snapshot of the daily conditions she worked behind the counter…it’s shocking!

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Listen to the full audio below!

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