South Australian Ticket Holder Wins $150M Powerball

A single ticket holder in South Australia has struck gold, winning a $150 million Powerball jackpot. 

The winning numbers for the draw were 18, 29, 34, 8, 4, 28, and 6, with the Powerball number being 11. 

The Lott confirmed the winner had purchased their entry in South Australia.

The draw, which happened on Thursday night, was the third-largest prize ever offered in an Australian lottery. 

This jackpot was reached after six consecutive draws failed to produce a division one winner.

The Lott’s spokesperson, Anna Hobdell, said: “Most division one winners typically buy a new home, enjoy a lavish holiday, or help family and friends.”

She also said that some winners choose more unconventional ways to spend their prize money.

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In addition to the grand prize winner, nine second-prize ticket holders will each receive $276,036.95. 

Furthermore, 261 third-place winners will claim $11,833.85 each.

Ms Hobdell said previous winners have indulged in various desires. 

One winner funded a family cruise for 38 relatives just a week after Christmas. Another winner fulfilled a lifelong dream by travelling to the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Some have chosen to invest for the future, help family and friends, buy new cars, or pay off mortgages.

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