Hillsong’s Sins And Dangers Of The Seven Mountains Mandate

Hillsong founder Brian Houston meets former President Trump at the White House in 2019. Image: Facebook.

This week news broke that the global founding leader of Hillsong, Brian Houston would be stepping down to fight charges that he concealed his father’s alleged sexual assault. 

Tom Tilley is joined by author Elle Hardy on today’s Briefing to discuss how this will affect the booming expansion of Hillsong, which has garnered an overwhelming following worldwide, particularly in the US. Hardy is the author of Beyond Belief: How Pentecostal Christianity Is Taking Over The World, which provides a fascinating look into the ways that offshoots of Pentecostal Christianity like Hillsong, influence and recruit “believers”. 

Brian Houston (4th from the left) and members of the US Hillsong community meet former President Donald Trump in 2019.

There’s a more dangerous Pentecostal sector brewing in America, founded on the explicit mission called “The Seven Mountains Mandate”, which says that Christians have a biblical right to take back the power to dominate the world order.

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“Pentecostals we’re his (Donald Trump) first believers. They really got behind him straight away because the style of the populist politician blends really well with that of the charismatic Pentecostal preacher…”

– Elle Hardy

Hardy takes us inside the dangerous sentiment brewing from The Seven Mountains Mandate and where we’ve already seen it rear its ugly head. 

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