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Search For Missing Submersible Focused On Smaller Area After Sounds Detected

The search and rescue efforts for the submersible which disappeared while on a dive to the wreckage of the Titanic are being focused on a smaller area after noises were detected underwater. 

Search efforts have been focused on an area of the North Atlantic after several sounds were detected on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The noises, which are yet to be formally identified, were detected by a Canadian P-3 aircraft.

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According to the US Coast Guard, the source of the noises have not yet been identified and may not be coming from the missing vessel. 

A number of remotely operated vehicle searches have been established in the area to investigate the source of the sounds. 

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The development comes as the 96 hours of oxygen inside the vessel is likely to run out today. 

Several vessels have been deployed to assist with the search including a vessel with side-scanning sonar equipment. 

In the midst of the search, the company behind the launch of the Titan submersible vessel are facing criticism after it was unearthed that OceanGate were warned of possible safety issues as the submersible was being developed.

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