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Search Continues For Missing Indonesian Crew Member After Four Australians Found

While the four Australians who were missing at sea for 36 hours return to enjoying birthday celebrations, the search continues for the final Indonesian crew member.

Indonesian surf and rescue teams are searching the waters off Aceh for Fifan Satria but have had no luck despite calm conditions and boats, a plane, and a drone assisting the efforts.

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The captain of the boat, Yunardi Ardi, told the ABC his friend had been swept eastward while the group was deciding what to do after the wooden boat was struck by strong waves.

“The waves were high, and we all discussed quickly and decided to swim to the nearest island using the last rays of sunset as our guide,” he said.

“The foreigners started paddling, we the Indonesians stayed floating, my missing friend looked weak as he was carried by a wave to the east towards Singkil.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said its thoughts were with Mr Satria’s family.

They also expressed the Australian Government’s gratitude to Indonesian authorities and those involved in the search and rescue efforts.

Three of the missing Australians, Steph Weisse, Will Teagle and Jordan Short were found floating on their surfboards on Tuesday, while a few hours later, Elliot Foote, was confirmed alive after being rescued by local fishers after attempting to paddle for help.

The group were in Indonesia for a surfing trip celebrating Mr Foote’s 30th birthday.

Mr Foote confirmed his safety to his worried family back home via a text message, his father Peter Foote, saying was “so typical” of his son.

“Hey dad. Elliot here. I’m alive. Safe now!! Love you. Chat later,” the text read.

The quartet are being supported by the Australian Embassy but it’s unclear when they’ll return home.

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