Right To Disconnect Laws Set To Pass Parliament Today

Labor’s ‘closing loopholes’ bill is set to pass the Australian Parliament today, aiming to give casuals a clearer path to permanent work and give gig workers minimum standards.

The bill includes a suite of reforms including the Greens’ proposed right to disconnect laws.

Greens Senator Barbara Pocock told The Briefing how the proposed changes would work, and how our lives might change if the law passes.

Pocock said the bill is giving workers the legal right to not engage in work outside of work hours, including phone calls and emails.

“There are also a lot of young people who are very insecure in their jobs, and they feel they can’t say no to the boss,” Pocock said, “If you’re not sure if your next contract is going to come to you, or you’re casual, or you know there are 47 people who really want your job, then you haven’t got the backing that you need.”

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“We can’t overturn the power relations of a growing and large insecure workforce in the Australian labour market, but we can provide more support,” she said.

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