Revealing Documentary Announced Following The Life Of Australian Music Icon Michael Gudinski

A star-studded cast will feature in a documentary honouring the life of late music legend, Michael Gudinski.

Bruce Stringsteen, Dave Grohl, Ed Sheeran, Kylie Minogue, and Sting are among those to feature and share their tributes in the movie’s trailer, Ego: The Michael Gudinski Story.

Mushroom Studios, the record company Gudinski launched in 1972, unveiled the trailer on Tuesday and promised it to be a captivating documentary following the career the music legend had and his impact on Australian music and culture.

Gudinski started the project in 2019 with film director Paul Goldman, but Covid lockdowns and then Gudinski’s death in 2021 almost forfeited the movie.

The documentary was reworked to celebrate Mushroom’s 50th anniversary but angled with Gudinski’s story.

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“The film is an amazing love letter to Michael Gudinski, to Melbourne and to the Australian music industry,” Goldman said.

“Michael loved the camera, loved the limelight, and he loved promoting the business and himself. I knew him to be a larrikin and a maverick. What I didn’t know was behind closed doors he was a very complex man with lots of different moods.”

The documentary will make its world premiere on August 10 at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

It will then make its nationwide premier in theatres on August 31.

Gudinski died peacefully in his sleep on March 2, 2021, with it later revealed he was found to have 12 drugs in his system at his time of death. He was 68.