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QLD Limit On Rent Increases Backfires As Landlords Boot Out Tenants

The state government’s move to limit rent increases to once per year has backfired with tenants being kicked out of their homes. 

Housing Minister Meaghan Scanlon admitted that some landlords and agents have been ending leases to allow for more than one rent increase per year. 

“Earlier this year, laws were passed to limit rent increases to once per year to assist in stabilising rents,” she said in a Twitter post.

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“However, reports have emerged of some landlords and agents ending leases with tenants in order to increase rents more frequently than once per year.”

Ms Scanlon has suggested reforming the laws to limit rent increases to once per year per rental property rather than once a year per lease. 

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According to Ms Scanlon, she has launched a “discussion paper” on the issue focusing on the fair treatment of tenants. 

“I want to ensure that the original intent of our laws is respected,” she said.

“We have launched a discussion paper, considering a proposal to ensure the laws are not circumvented, and that renters aren’t unfairly penalised by behaviour aimed at avoiding limits to rent increases”.

The limit on rent increases was pushed through state parliament in April in an attempt to address the current housing crisis plaguing Queensland. 

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