Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Defends Accusations Against Finance Minister

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been forced to defend Financial Minister Katy Gallager after she was accused of having prior knowledge of the Brittany Higgins rape allegations before they were reported on by the media. 

Shadow-attorney General Michaela Cash accused Ms Gallagher of misleading parliament. 

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In an interview on Sunrise on Friday morning, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he did not agree with Ms Cash’s accusations. 

“You had allegations by a Liberal staffer that another Liberal staffer had a sexual assault in a liberal ministers office and, somehow, Katy Gallagher has some responsibility for what was going on here?” he said. 

“This is bizarre.

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She’s a great minister, she’s a great finance minister, and she’s a great minister for the status of women and Peter Dutton.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Prime Minister Albanese told Channel 7 that Opposition leader Peter Dutton needs to be more “transparent”. 

“You had a circumstance also where Scott Morrison had an enquiry by Phil Gaetjens, his former chief of staff who was the head of department and prime minister and cabinet, and … who knew what in his own office, we still have never, ever seen that report. I mean, for Peter Dutton to talk about transparency, frankly, is quite farcical here.”

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