Noise Restrictions To Loosen Up Across NSW Under New Laws

The New South Wales night life scene is about see major changes with noise restrictions set to be loosened up. 

The multiple changes to live music regulations that have been put forward by the state government will make it more difficult for noise complaints to shut down events. 

The new changes will require five separate noise complaints to be registered with the office of liquor and gaming before a venue can be forced to close down. 

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Under the changes, venues hosting live music will now be authorised to trade for an extra two hours according to licensing laws.

The changes have been introduced by the state government to encourage more people to open live music and event venues in the area in a bid to “bring back vibrancy”. 

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Dining venues will also be impacted by the changes with venues now able to apply for alfresco dining licenses more efficiently. 

The proposed changes will be applicable to liquor, live music and planning laws across the state with $58 million budgeted for the implementation.

In order to action the policies, the state government are reaching out to other sectors including the entertainment and hospitality sectors for financial assistance. 

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