New Criminal Gang Discovered Operating In Sydney

Police have uncovered a new organised crime syndicate called OutKast which is believed to have been operating on the streets of Sydney. 

The gang are alleged to be responsible for a number of crimes across the city including car thefts, home invasions and shootings. 

According to investigators, the gang is believed to have been established inside Goulburn’s maximum-security prison in a bid to protect members from other gangs. 

The gang has since been identified outside of prison walls.

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The gang has recently been targeted by the NSW Police Taskforce Magnus which was set up in a bid to solve a number of shootings and murders. 

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Police have so far arrested three alleged members of the group in relation to a home invasion where guns were believed to have been fired. 

According to police, three men allegedly broke into a home on Lidcombe on July 19 armed with guns. 

The men are alleged to have assaulted a 31-year-old man inside the home before fleeing the scene. 

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