Myki Fares Going Up Next Month In A 8.7 Per Cent Price Increase 

Victorian public transport commuters will experience an increase in daily Myki fares, with the price rising to $10 per day, starting from July 1.

The single fare will also increase from $4.60 to $5. This adjustment represents an 8.7 per cent surge, surpassing the inflation rate. 

In alignment with metro prices, V/Line fares for regional transport will also rise.  

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This alteration was implemented as part of an election promise by the Victorian government, which aimed to equalise V/Line ticket prices with those of the metro.  

The change took effect in late March. Under the new change, the daily weekend ticket will be raised from $6.70 to $7.20, while the single ticket will go from $3.35 to $3.60. 

For commuters using monthly and yearly Myki passes, the daily price will increase from $5.52 to $6. 

The state opposition has voiced concerns, stating that the rise in Myki fares will negatively impact households throughout Victoria.  

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“It’s unfair and at a time in the middle of winter when 80 per cent of our rail lines are closed, and people have to stand in the rain and go on buses,” Shadow Minister for Public Transport Richard Riordan said. 

“It’s simply a bad look. 

“There is no doubt the Andrews government’s commitment to lower fares was the shortest-lived election promise in the history of Victorian politics.” 

Responding to the criticisms, a state government spokesperson acknowledged the cost-of-living pressures many Victorians faced. 

“That’s why we’re ensuring Metro and regional fares continue to be the same price into the future, and we’ll continue to provide a range of discounts and concessions so that the cost of travel is fair for all Victorians,” the spokesperson said.

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