Mindful Drinking: The Success Of Heaps Normal

Australia’s beer culture is almost embedded in Aussies from childhood, whether one of your parents is asking you to grab them a beer from the fridge or pass their stubby holder, having a cold one in hand is a standard practice.

But over the last couple of years the rise of non-alcoholic or low alcohol drinks have boomed, with companies like Heaps Normal leading the way. 

Andy Miller, co-founder and CEO of Heaps Normal, says Australians are now adopting a “mindful drinking” attitude, with studies showing more younger people are choosing to drink less alcohol.

His company only began in 2020 – and now  has now catapulted into a $57.5 million business.

Miller said it’s an exciting time for Australians as our mindset continues to change and we’re finding ways to enjoy ourselves without consuming large percentages of alcohol.

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“It’s gonna be a really exciting journey and a really exciting change, and a positive change to the way that Australians relate alcohol and drinking occasions,” he said.

“There’s a lot further for the category to grow… we’re really excited about the next five to 10 years for the category in particular because I think in that period it’s going to undergo dramatic change.”

Click below to listen about Heaps Normal’s success and the changing attitudes of Australians when it comes to alcohol:

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