How Melbourne Woman’s Viral Video Sparked IVF Treatment Backflip

The news was devastating for many Victorians in hospital waiting rooms, when the state government cancelled “elective surgeries” to free up resources as they dealt with their recent Covid Omicron surge.

Keep in mind, the definition of “elective surgeryis a procedure that does not need to be done within 24 hours. This means it could be something serious like cancer or brain surgery.

“These procedures are not luxury options.” – Tom Tilley.

So, when Melanie Swieconek learnt that IVF treatment was included in the pause, meaning her treatment was on hold for three months she posted an emotionally raw video addressed to the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, articulating through floods of tears how devastating the implications were for her and others in the IVF community.

“This is something we are doing as our only opportunity to have a child. This is a necessity and you are taking it away from us. Some of us may only have one or two opportunities left to have children, and by opportunities I mean months.” – Melanie Swieconek.

Still from Melanie Swieconek’s viral video. Image: Instagram

Her video went viral, clocking up millions of views online. 

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